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Croatian undersea world, a part of European and World natural heritage, is slowly but undoubtedly disappearing before our eyes.
There is a silent and perfect harmony between the life above and under the sea, only seemingly divided by the surface line. Nothing happens in one empire without having consequences in the other. It is a harmony achieved by the wise nature and subordination to the eternal laws of cosmological world structure that cannot be disturbed with impunity. Before a violent and destructive manís civilization the nature has withdrawn to the bottom of the sea, and there it remains as the last landscape tophus, where the man is neither a standard nor a judge, but only a rare visitor.
Once discovered, the undersea realm captures the man with its beauty, diversity of forms and colours hidden under dark layers of the blue. Holding his camera, Miro Andric discovers in such a world artistic poetry, identifying the divine handwriting that created this underwater world. Here in the mineral gothic peace, the heraldic sea plants and animals move through the blue darkness in the silence of eternity. Small creatures shiver in the rich colour spectrum and the splendour of the bottom greenness, the transparent jelly-fish flutter, frail ladies of these Poseidonís abysses, the gracious stars and the distinguished sea-horses smoothly glide. This landscape and its inhabitants play a principal role in their solitude and silence, in luxury and mistery of their existence.
The camera and the eyes of Miro Andri reveal a fascinating world to the reader, bring the beauty of Croatiaís world beneath the sea, and at the same time an ethical question is raised: how to preserve this heritage for our descendants. Thus, the idea of this book is not only of a documentary nature, it is also a joy of discovery and an ecological request.

Publisher: Car Herc d.o.o., Zagreb, Strmečkoga 6a
Responsible for the Publisher: Nela Andrić
Photography: Miro Andrić
Text: Hrvoje Vrdoljak, Miro Andrić
Proofread by: Ivan Jardas
dr. Adam Benović
dr. Dušan Zavodnik
Language Adviser: Marina Čubrić, prof.
Nevenka Nekić, prof.
Correction by: Mirela Bilić
Translation by: Diana Maršić, prof.
Ana Štefanić, prof.
Layout and Typesetting: Krešimir Buden
Preparation, scanning, setting: Spomik, Zagreb, 2.Lipovac 3
Printed by: Grafički Zavod Hrvatske, Zagreb, Radnička cesta 210
Publication: 5000
Zagreb, 2001.