DVD Croatian undersea world 4

Croatia's Undersea World 4 reveals secrets concealed in the waters surrounding Dubrovnik, Korčula, Hvar, Pag, Lošinj and the mystical island of Sveti Andrija. It uncovers the culture and history of these islands; the beauty of land and sky, dissolving in the blue depths of the undersea world. Some of what you are about to see has been filmed for the first time in history, some locations are unique scuba diving territory. All of it reveals an abundant sea world and sights rarely seen.
Some sea organisms have a strange glow, while others move around in an unusual manner, or are interesting to behold. Each location tells its own unique tale of the land and the creatures of the depths. An outstanding narrative and superbly selected shots merge to create a lively canvass of sea organisms that we did not even know existed.

Available languages on DVD: croatian, english, german, italian, czech, russian and "no naration".

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