Shape and locomotion

Anglerfish (Lophius piscatorus); 70 cm; at 26 m, November, Selce, Lucica Bay is a sea-floor fish, completely adapted to it. Even its front fins evoluted into something that looks like hands doing “push-ups᾿. Its skin, with its colour and appearance, seems like grassy see-floor. The frog-fish at that “floor᾿even has an excrescence above the mouth for luring careless little fish. At times when imprudent fish approach the “floor᾿, it instantly turns into a huge mouth in which they disappear.

Wide-eyed Flounder(Bothus podas); 10 cm; at 8 m, August, Island of Vis, Budikovac is a nature project that developed camouflage at the expense of unskilled moving abilities and the way of life. You can, or cannot see, how successful the nature was.

Octopus (Octopus vulgaris); 70 cm; at 15 m, February, Split, Island of V. Drvenik, that presents perhaps the most sophisticated undersea world camouflage, encountered with a persistant predator also starts its jet engine. It will rapidly move and hide at a different location.