Relationships between marine creatures

Some relationships are harmonius and millions of years old. For instance, the murray, yawning from its hole rapidly swallows an approaching shrimp or a smaller fish. However, if the cleaning crab approaches its mighty jaw, the murra obedientley opens its mouth and patiently awaits till the check up and mending finish. The benefit is mutual and obvious.

Snakelocks Anemone’s (Anemonia sulcata); at 3 m, October, Island of Jabuka, natural colour is brown, and these green shades are visible due to symbiotic microscopic algae zooxanthella. Such symbiosis also provides a safe shelter for this crab.

Anilocra physoides; 2 cm; at 9 m, June, Island of Rab, Islet of Misnjak; is actually a crab, a parasite that sucks juices of this Goby.