Food chain

Starfish swallowing an urchin along with its spines; 25 cm; at 6 m, March, Mimice
Some starfish nutrition habits have evoluted in a peculiar manner. They can literally eject their stomachs and thus feed themselves. Some primarily eat shells; when they find them they are not stopped by firmly closed shell door. The starfish’ legs seize the shell and position the door against its mouth. It suffices that its mouth is only slightly open for the star to inject its stomach inside and start discharging enzimes that will digest the contents inside the very shell.

Sea Snail Discodoris atromaculata; at 20 m, August, Peljesac, Cape Lovište, succeedes in cropping what few would, and that is a Sea Sponge Petrosia ficiformis.

Underwater feeding techniques are varioius. Snake Blenny (Ophidion barbatum); 30 cm; at 9 m, March, Makarska Riviera, Basko Polje, was granted a beard to feel the mud while searching for food.