Earth is truly the water planet. More than 70 % of its surface is covered by water. Within those water boundaries live more than 200 000 different known species of plants and animals, that make for the largest portion among the living creatures (they range in size from microscopic single-celled plants to the largest 30-meter and 120-ton blue whales).

If you, in this blue infinity, concentrate only on its small portion - Croatia’s undersea world - you will find yourself amazed.

Croatia’s sea, is neither a temperate coral sea with rich, multi-coloured fish, crabs, snails, corals, nor a sea in which you can find colours you never knew existed. However, neither is it a cold polar sea in which one can enjoy mythical giants that proudly exhibit their whales’ tails and sing songs that echoe thousands of miles away.

It is a sea that jelaously hides its beauty and gradually reveals it only to the perseverant, to those who are willing to appreciate it. Those less perseverant, or eager for a big and quick sensation in water up to their knees, will not even notice the beauty hidden beneath each rock. To them this book will serve as a preparation for wonders of Croatia’s undersea world, and will enable them to recognize what they have already seen or are accustomed to see. To the others, who have already devoted their love to the undersea wonders, this book will serve as a memory of all that they have experienced.

This is a book of short excerpts stolen from the undersea realm, about beauty, peace and harmony of Croatia’s sealife.